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Say it with a “YOU’RE WELCOME.” card


There’s nothing awkward about You’re Welcome cards.  If anything, it’s more awkward to not have a batch of You’re Welcome cards on hand.  In day-to-day life if somebody says “Thank you” it is impolite to NOT say “You’re welcome” in response.  At least, in MY opinion, it is impolite.  However, in written form, Thank You cards go out, and are left unanswered ALL THE TIME.  I’ve never been okay with that.

I understand that not everybody is as polite as me.  I also understand that maybe it doesn’t bother anybody else to know that there are millions of unanswered Thank You cards out there.  That’s perfectly fine.  But now let’s think of all those times when you did something nice for someone…and then they DIDN’T thank you.  What better way to “remind” the “scumbag” that their “manners” need a little “adjusting” than with a You’re Welcome card?  Whatever the case may be, say it with an Awkward Stuff “You’re Welcome.” card!


For the design we went with something masculine enough that guys won’t look soft, yet fancy enough to suit any occasion or persuasion.  It was a delicate balance, but we NAILED it!!


Of course, we could’ve scripted something generic and cheesy on the inside, but that is too limiting.  We left it blank so that you can write WHAT EVER YOU WANT on the inside!!  Now, when someone writes “Thank you for the very generous gift basket. It was so thoughtful…” you can write back to them saying “You’re welcome.  It was a great party! The cheese dip was AMAZING!!”


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YOU’RE WELCOME. – 9-pack of cards for $10 – Plus $2 Shipping
(Envelopes Included) 

“IT WAS MY PLEASURE” – Coming Soon!

“IT WAS OUR PLEASURE” – Coming Soon!

“Hey, we should be thanking YOU” – Coming Soon!



So now you’ve had a good laugh about You’re Welcome cards. “HAHAHA” Go ahead, get it out of your system.  Right now you may even think it’s a dumb idea for a product.  That’s normal, but trust me; in a few days after your mind has gone through the five stages of dealing, you will come to acceptance that You’re Welcome cards are in fact a BRILLIANT product!  I look forward to your orders.  Enjoy these You’re Welcome cards, put them to good use, and remember:  There is no need to thank ME


…because you’re already welcome.


Rusty Fish Hook








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