Twisted Sister The Price - Awkward Stuff

Twisted Sister The Price – Awkward Stuff

3 Yr old Naomi Fish Hook‘s favorite band is Twisted Sister



TWISTED SISTER:The Price (with Official Video)


So this page was originally conceived as a way to expose bands that do not get much exposure. However, since that is such a hard distinction to nail down, this category is really geared toward songs that don’t get radio play. MOST of the songs on here will be from bands that you’ve never heard of, but not all of them. Twisted Sister is a household name, with or without the aid of Awkward Stuff. Twisted Sister The Price is a power ballad that I never heard on the radio growing up. I never saw a video, nothing! Obviously they made a video, but I hadn’t seen it growing up. Twisted Sister The Price rivals any of the radio hits on the Stay Hungry album if you ask this music fan. Additionally, it rivals any power ballad put out by The Scorpions and Cinderella combined. We’re talking about a power ballad strong enough to give Sebastian Bach a raging hard-on that should’ve outlasted his career.   A power ballad so POWERFUL that it should be referred to as a “Fucking POWER Ballad!”  I should mention that Twisted Sister The Price came out well before Skid Row ever put out an album.  And please, take note that when I refer to Sebastian Bach’s “career” it does not include that stint on VH1 with Ted Nugent…The show itself was mildly entertaining, but the song those dudes cranked out sucked complete horse cock.  Pardon my German.


I often wonder why Twisted Sister The Price was not on Monster Ballads. It’s a travesty. A glam-rock, hair-metal travesty. Embarrassingly enough, Rusty Fish Hook came to the Twisted Sister party a little late, but my three year old daughter didn’t. Being in my mid-thirties, I have obviously been exposed to Twisted Sister’s mega-hit radio songs growing up, but never heard Twisted Sister The Price (or Stay Hungry) until recently. I won’t bore the shit out of you with the details which led to my first listen, just know that it was February 2014 when I first uncorked the hungry beast into my family’s virgin ears! That was when we discovered how much Twisted Sister truly rocks! I wouldn’t say that I missed out all these years, because I filled my 2014 year with wall-to-wall Twisted Sister! I got all of their albums, and definitely made up for lost time. This is the part where my daughter comes in: Before she was even two years old, Naomi first fell in love with the song Burn In Hell.  I remember one night in Feb 2014 at about 2AM she woke up really sick. The wife and I were nervous as fuck- NOTHING was working to make her feel better. That is, nothing until my wife started singing the lyrics to Burn in Hell. Naomi’s eyes lit up, and her agonized face transformed into a demonic baby grin. We knew right then that this kid was a born rocker! But wait, it gets worse…


It goes beyond just singing about burning in Hell as a lullaby to get our baby to sleep. This was ALL consuming! For almost a YEAR Naomi would not sit quietly in a car until she heard those opening drums on We’re Not Gonna Take It. That is the moment when she knew that she had 4 guaranteed awesome Twisted Sister songs to look forward to, and she was all smiles. Otherwise she would cry hysterically, and scream in absolute fucking disparagement, in our car, if she could not hear ALL FOUR of her Twisted Sister songs in succession. Those songs were: We’re Not Gonna Take It, Burn In Hell (or See no Evil, as she calls it), I wanna Rock, and The Price. We could not drive ANYWHERE without totally cranking these songs for our daughter…for almost an entire year. Sometimes I’d have to put my foot down and tell her that we’re going to listen to the entire Stay Hungry album (because, quite frankly, I had grown incredibly sick of those 4 Twisted Sister songs after about 10 million spins). It’s funny because not three years ago if you were to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere without cranking the same 4 songs off Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album, because my 2 year old daughter NEEDS to hear her daily allowance of TWISTED SISTER, I would have told you to “Twist THIS!” Seriously, of all bands, in 2014, why Twisted Sister? Here’s why: because they are way better than the media portrays them!  To this day, my daughter STILL loves Twisted Sister, and she needs her fix periodically- just not as desperately as she did in her terrible twos.  The pic at the top of this post is two twisted sisters watching some Twisted Sister.  It doesn’t get any more Cray Cray than that!  This just goes to show you that it is never too late to check out something that you may have missed.  Also, it is never too early to get your toddlers into 80’s hair metal.


This is Rusty Fish Hook saying: “Awkwardness is The Price we all pay”


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