It's like you took the love child of Harrison Ford and Anderson Cooper but then sued him for every penny he's got (which triggered an addiction to booze and pills), and forced him to live on unemployment for three years! It's no wonder this guy knows all the best deals for hotels.

Sadly, the world lost one of it's Great Scotts. However, Scott Weiland would be happy to know that even in death he is still sweeping the floor with Scott Stapp's dumb-ass looking face in their little Scott-off! I think someone needs to Stapp up his game.

I imagine this pair of Scotts are, or were, respected members of the SAG…although I gotta say that Scott Baio looks a little saggier than Bakula in this matchup.I mean look at Bakula- he just brought sexy back with a vengeance!!It looks like he wore a turtleneck to some sort of a prison photo shoot.#Workingit?

Switching it up- now we got “Scott” as the LAST name! Let me tell you something, Ridley: Cigar doesn’t always equal cool. It looks like you’re eating a turd with your hair on fire. Willard Scott, on the other hand, knows EXACTLY what is cool! Again, this is not about MY opinion. We want to hear what the masses think.

Yep. This matchup is interesting because some people are just total pieces of shit that require a good ass-wiping. One of these Scotts is essential to modern day existence, and the other one is toilet paper.Which Scott do you prefer?

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1 Comment on "Scott or Not"

Stefanie Erdmann
April 20, 2015

Scott Bakula FTW!