What is a Rusty Fish Hook? A “Rusty Fish Hook” is something that you definitely do NOT want anybody to do to you. If someone has ever given you a rusty fish hook, odds are that you are not reading this website right now, and I am wasting my breath (or keystrokes, as it were) by elaborating on this. One who has had that particular misfortune would probably want to be as far away from anything having to do with “rusty fish hooks” as is humanly possible. I can tell you that the Rusty Fish Hook is somewhere between the Dirty Sanchez and the Donkey Punch in terms of humiliation… and pain, but for the specific definition you will need to consult the Urban Dictionary.

So then who is Rusty Fish Hook?  Well, now we’re getting somewhere.  That question sounds simple enough, but I assure you it is no easy task trying to pigeon hole Mr. Rusty Fish Hook.  You could say that Rusty Fish Hook is the self appointed King of Awkward. He is also a guy who writes about Douche Nozzles every month.  Rusty Fish Hook sometimes tells random life stories while reviewing The Best Songs That You’ve Never Heard (Who the Hell reviews individual songs anyway?), AND he is a former standup comedian.  watch the video if you don’t believe it.

Rusty Fish Hook is already a household name.  The problem is that nobody has ever heard of Rusty Fish Hook.  That sounds like it makes NO sense, but believe me it does…make…a little bit of sense. Right?

So, welcome to our wonderful world of Awkwardness.  We hope you enjoy your stay.      Please feel free to click around and see what’s new.  And, don’t be shy about registering an account with Awkward Stuff.  It is minimally invasive, and FREE.  Get crazy!! But seriously- get your laugh on, bitches.



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