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Title Track: Sorceress

OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO (with awkward analysis)


Holy Fuck… if I may. Okay, maybe “Holy Fuck” is a little over the top for this one (**UPDATE: No it’s not a little over the top!  Since originally writing this post, I have listened to the song dozens of times, and it is utterly MIND-BLOWING!! It gets better with every listen.  It is “heavy” in a Kashmir kind of way. I Cannot wait for the ENTIRE album!!!!**), but this is still a bad ass little ditty- and it ain’t about Jack and Diane.  Maybe it is.  Who knows?  Anyway, it is incredibly exciting to be on the verge of a new Opeth album! Apparently, it may have been confirmed that there will be no death metal growls on Sorceress (**No. It HAS been confirmed: SORCERESS. CONTAINS. NO. DEATH. GROWLS!!  All of you crybabies that need to hear Cookie Monster on this album can eat a basket of dicks!  Sorceress is quality, with or without your approval.**). That is a mild bummer, but I think I’ll be okay.  As much as I want another Ghost Reveries or Watershed (yeah- I said Watershed, asshole.), I need to remember that it was actually Pale Communion that got me listening to Opeth in the first place. That information is all documented in THIS REVIEW.  Now, pay attention as I ramble on in this premature album review for Opeth’s upcoming album: Sorceress.


Let’s get serious for a second; the art work. You got some kind of demonic looking peacock atop a pile of skulls with the word “Sorceress.”  Okay, you have my attention, I suppose? But if a band like Korn ever tried putting a peacock on an album cover, I’d be like “Okay, I’m done…”  However, this is Opeth, so I’m willing to go with it.  I will follow this peacock into the slaughterhouse of their choice.  I just hope they know what they’re doing.  Actually, as I reflect on their previous artwork, there isn’t one album cover of theirs that I would deem “awesome.”  Watershed is interesting, at best.  Orchid is pretty cool, with the pink flower and all, but other than those two albums there is nothing much to speak of in the way of radical.  I may actually like the Sorceress artwork the most, although the album title “Sorceress is hands down their weakest one to date!


As I had stated in other reviews, Opeth may be my favorite band. That’s pretty crazy considering that I only first heard them in 2014! This makes Sorceress the first Opeth album that Rusty Fish Hook will get upon its release. Every album prior to Sorceress was released in the past. This means that if Rusty Fish Hook wanted to catch any of those albums on their release date(s) it would require the purchase of a time machine.  And, since “you can’t just walk into a store and buy plutonium,” I am limited only to future releases by OpethSorceress being the first one, but hopefully not the last. Look for it September 30th.

Below is the track list followed by some pertinent videos.  TOWARD THE BOTTOM you will find my brief album review for Sorceress.  If you can make it ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM, you can stream the entire album!! Enjoy…

The Wilde Flowers (their third single- video below)
Will O The Wisp (their second single- video below) 
Sorceress 2
The Seventh Sojourn
Strange Brew
A Fleeting Glance
Persephone (Slight Return)




More Opeth Sorceress odds & ends (probably more than any normal person needs):


Akerfeldt looks a little bit like Borat in this clip.  Wait for it…


No comment for this video (except the one that preceded this parenthetical).



Some Opeth Sorceress stuff (which I have NOT prescreened):










**UPDATE:  As of 9/22/2016, I have listened to the Sorceress album three times.  If you’re reading this you are probably an Opeth fan already, so you understand that Opeth albums don’t hit you- they unfold over the course of multiple listens.  It is still way too soon to render an official judgement on where Sorceress fits in the ranking of Opeth’s discography, but I imagine it could rise toward the top.  During my first two listens, I wasn’t sure what I thought of it, but I knew it didn’t suck.  During my third listen, I could start to feel the songs becoming “good.” At this rate, I predict that my unhealthy obsession with Sorceress will begin somewhere between 8 and 10 listens (I’m looking at YOU, number 9.).  I will probably be a Jehovah’s Witness for the album at around 20 listens.  Of course, I got a free “early bird” of this one, but it didn’t stop me from legitimately purchasing the 2-cd deluxe from HERE. If you want to help support cancer research get the pink vinyl from HERE (I don’t do vinyl).  Remember, piracy is not a victimless crime, or something…  Sept. 30th!  #GetSome**


Stream this bitch!






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