HOUSE OF THE HOOK: IPhone Wallet Case


Welcome back to the House of the Hook™.  It has been a while!!  You have all seen The other two episodes of House of the Hook™, now we are happy to finally present you with the third House of the Hook™.  You laughed hysterically at EPISODE I, and cried like a little bitch during EPISODE II… I’m curious to hear your reactions to EPISODE III.  To briefly summarize the LONG break between episodes 2 & 3- it was technical difficulties (Awkward Stuff subscribers got the full scoop in the Newsletters). Anyway, let’s look to a bright future with no more of these technical issues.  In this video, Rusty Fish Hook points out the stupidity of the IPhone Wallet Case.  In case you have not yet seen the product, please allow me to explain- it’s a phone case that doubles as a wallet!  How pointless and stupid can a product be?  I’m sure that the iPhone Wallet Case sounded like a good idea when the pimply-faced intern at Apple first pitched the idea, but it wasn’t until after the iPhone Wallet Case came off the assembly line that people got their first glimpse of this joke of a product.  We all know about dumb shit., but this is ridiculous- Does the IPhone Wallet Case have a places to stick your passport, birth certificate or Social Security card so you can potentially lose even MORE valuable information?  Apparently, there’s no product that is too stupid to put on the market.  A sucker is born every minute, so it’s just a matter of the right knucklehead seeing the right infomercial at the right time. Perfect example: the iPhone Wallet Case!


I’m sure there’s much more to say about the iPhone Wallet Case, and how idiotic it would be to purchase one, but that would cut into the comedy material in this video.  I’m sure that we could have filled the video with more material, but that would cut into this content which you are now reading.  We had to strike a delicate balance between the two.   Why ARE you still reading?  Watch episode III!!  Sit back, smoke what you got, and learn about the iPhone Wallet Case whilst enjoying the King of Awkward doing what (he thinks) he does best!



PS: Sorry for speaking in the third person.

PPS:  if you own a iPhone Wallet Case, i’m sorry if I offended you.  Actually, no I’m not.

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