(Take THIS, Lars!)


If you have not read what I have to say about Lars Ulrich being the heavy metal community’s biggest douche nozzle, click HERE

Screw Lars Ulrich.  Actually, I don’t even hate him that much.  I’m kind of playing it up for the site.  So, yeah- in Awkward Stuff‘s first Douche Nozzle of the Month post, we made a big stink about Lars Ulrich turning the bass all the way down when making “Injustice for All.” Well, it’s only fitting to throw the enhanced version of the album up on the site! Here’s a version with some meaty bass behind it- keyword: BEHIND it.  It doesn’t really sound like the bass was mixed in with the rest of the tracks.  Rather, it sounds like someone with some fast fingers threw down some serious bass, but put it on top of the already mixed album.  Obviously, there was no way to grab the original tracks to create a remixed version, and as a result the sound is a tad muffled and muddy.  You can really hear the white noise from the dude’s amp at the beginning of Eye of the Beholder.  One could go a step further, and use a noise reduction program (by sampling the white noise at that part), and kill the fuzz throughout the entire album.  That would take WAY too much effort for me, but I hope somebody takes that step.  But you don’t even need to go through all that trouble because this video gives you a good idea of what …And Justice For All was supposed to sound like.  If you’ve always wanted to hear the album with FULL BASS, no need to search YouTube anymore- awkwardstuff.com is the one stop shop!  You know, I would definitely like to hear Metallica make an official remix of this album, as it would sound much cleaner than this one (ahem, LARS.  Hey, sorry for saying “Screw Lars Ulrich”).  However, until that day comes please enjoy this Off The Hook version.

And, for an added bonus: If you’re in a time crunch and don’t have time for AJFA in its entirety- just listen to your favorite songs!   I got you covered with the start times of all of the tracks!  I know, I fucking rock…


1.    00:00- Blackened

2.    06:41- And Justice For All

3.    16:35- Eye of the Beholder

4.    23:16- One

5.    30:45- The Shortest Straw

6.    37:35- Harvester of Sorrow

7.    43:29- Frayed Ends of Sanity

8.    51:12- To Live is to Die

9. 1:01:01- Dyers Eve



*This version has some long gaps between songs, and some of the endings are cut short.  It pisses me off a little.  Should a better version of this surface, I will post it right here on this very page.


**Obviously, Rusty Fish Hook doesn’t own the rights to this shit, so I hereby absolve myself of any liabilities: legal, or otherwise.

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