How to Sell a Screenplay

How To Sell a Screenplay?


Hello!  I hope all of you are doing well! Rusty Fish Hook has been away researching and writing a screenplay. I apologize for my lengthy time in cibernation (cyber-hibernation).  Please enjoy the pictures above, and my explanation below, regarding how to sell a screenplay.


Let me get something straight: I am not a screenwriter. Therefore, I am not qualified to tell you how to become a screenwriter.  Therefore, I cannot tell you how to sell a screenplay.  I did play a screenwriter on TV though.  Okay, that’s not true.  Shit.  What is the point of this post?  Oh, yeah- How to sell a screenplay! The odds of selling a screenplay are slim.  Your chances of getting struck by lightning, or winning the Power Ball are only slightly lower than the chances of actually selling a screenplay.  So, it would probably not even be worth trying, right?  Right!  I know this already.  Most people probably live by this mantra. That is why I waited so long to try my hand writing one.  You hear all the time how hard it is to sell a screenplay, and you hear how many thousands of them get rejected every year.


As a writer I find that very discouraging.  Yet it begs the question: If the shit that gets made into movies is supposed to be the cream of the crop, what the fuck type of garbage is getting rejected? I’m not pointing any fingers, but there is some dog shit that hits the movie theaters!  I almost wonder if some of the scripts are getting rejected because they’re too good?  It is this thought process that made me decide to sac up and actually write a screenplay of my own.  (Click HERE to read about it.)


I’ve dabbled in a lot of creative endeavors: Jackmove, Get Bent, Dead Wrong, and STAND UP COMEDY.  All of which are, um…amazing, of course.  But, it wasn’t until one day last year that my wife said to me “You should write that one boxing movie!” (an idea that I’ve been sitting on for over ten years)  Knowing full well how hard it is to sell a screenplay, I was reluctant at first.  However, I also knew that you can’t sell a screenplay if you don’t have one written, so I said “Fuck it!” Then I set out to write the BEST. BOXING. MOVIE. EVER.  I channeled every ounce of everything that I had in me to crank out an amazing script! If it was my own story, I’d feel like a complete dipshit talking it up this much.  But that’s the thing; I didn’t just create this tale from scratch. I took an already documented story, and whittled it down from an enormous hunk of wood into a riveting screenplay.  And, yes! I called my own screenplay “riveting.”


***Question: why is riveting an adjective only used to describe movies, or acting?  Why can’t a cheeseburger be riveting?


I’m a harsh critic of other people’s work, but I’m an even harsher critic of my own!  This is why I’m confident that my script is good.  I wouldn’t allow a single line of dialogue (or stage directions) to not kick ass, because you can’t talk shit from a glass house.  Did I fuck up that metaphor?  Good.  Anyway, the writing part is behind me.  Now, I have the rest of my life to try to sell that beast.


**UPDATE** The screenplay is currently in development in the Hollywood Machine!!  A very reputable production company now has the rights to my script, so hopefully the world will soon be able to see the best boxing biopic ever created!! 


PS: If/when the film goes into production, I will certainly pay it forward by writing a post about How to ACTUALLY Sell a Screenplay. (In the meantime, check out the Screenwriter’s Bible.  It is pretty informative)

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