Awkward Stuff - Opeth - Ghost of Perdition

Awkward Stuff – Opeth – Ghost of Perdition



“Opeth is like a tall mug of nasty stout beer:  At first you’re gonna make a face, after a few swigs you’ll start to enjoy it, and when you’ve taken it all down you realize you need more.”Rusty Fish Hook

OPETH: Ghost of Perdition



The Opeth saga continues…  Nothing awkward here, other than the fact that in my mission statement I stated that I would shake things up by NOT doing the same stuff two weeks in a row.  If that is how you’re judging “awkward” then I guess I’m guilty as charged.  Technically, I said I would switch genres every week, so an argument can be made that these back-to-back Opeth songs are actually different genres.  In fact, Ghost of Perdition couldn’t be any further from In my Time of Need unless you threw in some trumpets, or a clarinet.  Anyhow, I feel like I need to bring closure to last week’s cluster-fuck of a review, so I am ramping up the intensity level a few notches by reviewing Ghost of Perdition.  For those that are not keeping score, I’ve already written two song reviews for Opeth (REVIEW #1, REVIEW #2).


Until now I have only showcased the softer side of Opeth.  Here is where you’ll see why certain circles refer to these guys as “death metal!”  You have probably noticed that my Opeth reviews aren’t very funny.  Well, it’s because there’s nothing funny about how much these mother fuckers rock!  I say that without cracking even the slightest grin. Death metal vocals usually suck because they sound like Cookie Monster, and they often provoke laughter rather than their intended scare.  There are no “Cookie Monster” vocals with OpethMikael Akerfeldt literally sounds like Satan himself.  He can also sing like a choir boy, so don’t be fooled. Ghost of Perdition is a great example of both sides of his vocal cords. Keep your ears ready for his signature switch-ups.


I used to say that death metal was a type of music that I don’t like.  I was never into it because American death metal is horseshit!  It wasn’t until the discovery of Euro-metal back in 1776 that really changed things for the better (see: Amorphis, and of course, Opeth).  Swedish death metal has made me a believer.  That said, my claiming that I don’t like death metal would be like saying that I only smoke crack on the weekends, so I’m not a crackhead.  FYI- I’m NOT a crack head.  That was just an example.  Or, it’s like that guy who secretly loves to suck dick, but he doesn’t consider himself “gay” because he runs a fantasy football league. That was just another example.  Basically, it’s like this: at some point certain things stop being a hobby and must be considered something that is a part of you.   Death metal is no exception.


On paper, most death metal fans are complete idiots.  Admit it-  When you hear someone say that they’re into death metal you immediately think “Total dork that is probably a virgin who lives in his parents’ basement…and is into self-mutilation.”  This is true for a portion of death metal fans, but not all.  Many are normal people that actually have a more sophisticated taste in music than most of your friends…like Rusty Fish Hook.  FUN FACT: Metal heads (and scientists) will tell you that heavy music relieves stress.  I agree with that 100%.  Ghost of Perdition is the perfect song to crank as LOUD as you can in your civic duty to help out mankind.


If you have 10 minutes to lend your ear, I swear it will be worth your while.  Ghost of Perdition is the behemoth opening track to a KILLER ALBUM!  It is an epic 10-minute journey into Awesome- it is like 3 songs rolled into one.  Within seconds, Ghost of Perdition will make you feel like you are listening to music that would be playing as you are entering HELL!  The singer has summoned demons from the other side to assist on the vocal tracks- or, at least that’s what it sounds like.  Be sure that you are sitting down when you click “Play.”  Watch out for the switch-up; at about 2:30 into the song it abruptly changes gears, and sounds like something that you would hear if you were ascending into Heaven.  Good shit!!


If you like Ghost of Perdition, check out the album: Ghost Reveries.   Learn more at



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