Welcome to the description Dead Wrong’s 20-track debut album. Prepare yourself to take a journey through the DARKSIDE OF THE GRAVE. Forget everything you have ever listened to. This album is 59 minutes and 16 seconds of BREAK YOURSELF!! Not too many groups can cram this many genres into one LP, and not a single band has EVER had these particular types of music all slammed together. We got Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Dub, Funk, Industrial, Trance, Old School, New Wave, Tribal and Heavy Metal (just to drop a few genres) in our stuff. Not to worry, the tracks on this album do not resemble the clusterfuck that I have thus far described. Instead, DARKSIDE OF THE GRAVE is a tapestry of beautifully woven songs that fade into each other so seamlessly that you’ll barely even notice the track numbers changing, with the exception of a few obvious switchups. (GET YO SWERVE ON and GO TOWARD THE LIGHT may be on Rusty Fish Hook’s Soundcloud account, but they belong to Dead Wrong…figure THAT shit out).  I’m sure that it would have been your pleasure to download this masterpiece from Amazon or ITunes, but freakishly this band’s music has been pulled from ITunes and Amazon and every other digital distribution from which it was once available, and NOT because it wasn’t good. #Mysterious!  They are down to only a few hundred hard copies left.  If you would like to purchase a copy please mail a $10 check or money order to:

Awkward Stuff
P.O. Box 1336
Crystal Lake, IL

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

Learn more about them at http://www.bentloophole.com/dead-wrong/


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