DEAD WRONG – Darkside of the Grave

Before Awkward Stuff, before Rusty Fish Hook awkwardly blew people’s minds with his standup comedy, and before Rusty Fish Hook got married and popped out some kids- Rusty was The Prosecutioner: lyricist, vocalist, beat-maker, composer, and all around music machine.  Not bragging, just stating some facts.  Here’s another fact:  I can’t play an instrument to save my life.  All of the music that I made was basic stuff that was loopable, but more importantly- it was CATCHY!  Dead Wrong is a force to be reckoned with.  Correction: Dead Wrong WAS a force to be reckoned with.   From 2008-2011 The Prosecutioner and Black Ice worked tirelessly to release Dead Wrong’s debut album, Darkside of the Grave.  In 2011 the album was released on every major digital store, and went double platinum!!  Okay, that didn’t happen- but it did get some pretty solid reviews!   I was being modest about my musical abilities, however I will not be modest about the quality of Darkside of the Grave by Dead Wrong!  It is a great album!  20 tracks with killer music and funny (but dark) lyrics.   The lyrics are REALLY dark. Those years were a pretty dark time for both members of Dead Wrong, hence, the grim perspective.  Also, we would try to outdo each other’s level of “darkness” when writing, so the content of the songs is comical because it is so over the top.  Lots of fun went into those lyrics.  Again- the music is catchy as hell.  Dead Wrong brought the magic. Check these songs if you don’t believe me:




***GO TOWARD THE LIGHT by Dead Wrong was #18 in the top 100 for Rap songs in the USA on (I didn’t even know that song was rap)


***GET YO SWERVE ON by Dead Wrong was #86 the top 100 for Rap songs in the USA on


***At one point, DEAD WRONG was #1 Rap group for all of Chicagoland on!




What does all this mean?  Apparently nothing in terms of financial gain, because I haven’t made shit for it.  Anyway, keep reading…



#FastForward to 2015.  Here’s how the story ended:  Dead Wrong had artistic differences and drifted apart.  Not sure what happened to the other guy, but I became a father, and became almost ashamed of Darkside of the Grave because it kicked so much ass.   In 2013 Darkside of the Grave by Dead Wrong  was pulled (by ME) from all the online stores.  This was a year after the birth of my first daughter.  Now, I have two little girls, and I am wanting to get rid of all the evidence that this album, or Dead Wrong, ever existed.  I am down to a only few dozen hard copies that need to be unloaded.  Don’t think for a second that this album isn’t phenomenal.  If you like the songs on this page, you will surely love the rest of Darkside of the Grave– ALL 20 TRACKS of it!!  Dead Wrong’s Darkside of the Grave has been considered by some to be “amazing.”  That is no lie.  Of course, I no longer have proof of that since the Amazon review page no longer exists.  As a result, I am forced to explain what you can expect.  Expect 20 awesome tracks!! Brace Yo Self, Nigel- and prepare to take a journey through the DARKSIDE OF THE GRAVE. Forget everything you have ever listened to. This album is 59 minutes and 16 seconds of Cray Cray Johnson!! Not too many groups can cram this many genres into one LP, and not a single band has EVER had these particular types of music all slammed together. Dead Wrong has combined Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Dub, Funk, Industrial, Trance, Old School, New Wave, Tribal and Heavy Metal (just to drop a few genres) in our stuff.  Not to worry, the songs on this Dead Wrong album do not resemble the cluster fuck that I have thus far described. Instead, Darkside of the Grave is a tapestry of beautifully woven songs that fade into each other so seamlessly that you’ll barely even notice the track numbers changing (except for a few obvious switchups).  And just like Dark Side of the Moon, this album matches up perfectly to The Wizard of Oz.  I advise not going down that road, but try it at your own risk if you must.  I only know of two cases where people listened to Darkside of the Grave while watching The Wizard of Oz: the first guy became a multi millionaire overnight, but the other guy blew his head off with a shotgun, so go figure.



Darkside of the Grave   Tracklist

  1. Enter Here
  2. Get Yo Swerve On
  3. We Will Rok U
  4. Hallucinations
  5. Soul Check
  6. Bitchsong
  7. I’m Gonna Funk You Up
  8. Nowhere To Hide
  9. Brace Yo Self Nigel
  10. Never Giv’n Up
  11. You Can’t Save Me
  12. Delete Me
  13. Sloppy Seconds
  14. Self Destruct
  15. I’m Insane
  16. Shunyata
  17. Go Toward The Light
  18. The Dead Song
  19. Rigormortis
  20.  Exit There


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