Another Fucking Shooting?


How many more mass shootings need to happen before this country’s leaders do something scary to dissuade the would-be killers of tomorrow? If they did something “yesterday” we wouldn’t be here today.  We are at like five shootings past “Enough is enough already!” This has gotten completely out of hand! What can be done to prevent this? Is gun control the answer?  Is concealed carry the answer?  I can tell you that I would love to live in a world where firearms don’t exist… but since we can’t simultaneously vaporize every single gun- specifically those that were stolen or smuggled, I’m happy to be armed with mine.  And let’s get one thing straight: Being permitted (or prevented) by law to carry a gun DOES NOT have any bearing on a psychopath’s decision to slaughter a bunch of innocent individuals. Don’t forget that murder is illegal.


They’re saying that the Orlando nightclub shooting was the worst one in history.  I say it never should have happened!  As a country, we should have taken measures much earlier.  The Sandy Hook shooting was the one that really did it for me.  Finding out that some little piece of shit went into an elementary school and killed twenty 6 year olds is about the worst thing a person can hear.  All because of a beef he had with his mom.  Unacceptable.


We need to skip due process when a mass murderer gets caught red handed.  Save the time and the tax dollars. One bullet. That’s all. Actually, fuck it- TWO bullets.  The first one can be used to blast their nose off right at the skull, and the second one for a knee cap.  Then, just leave them to scream by themselves in a soundproof room for a few days.  By the following Tuesday they’re ready to be wheeled out to their final resting place.  I’m aware that this probably isn’t an original idea, but why haven’t we done anything to push this agenda forward?  I mean, it seems like common sense!  America needs to reclaim the upper hand against enemies, foreign as well as domestic.  Part of doing that has to be enacting MUCH stiffer penalties.


We can’t keep turning the other cheek for the rest of the world to see.  It’s a joke!  Our penal system doesn’t scare any terrorists.  You know why the terrorists are gonna win?  Because the leadership of this country is a bunch of fucking pussies!  Pardon my German.  I think, in an effort to deter future assassins, we need to start making examples of captured killers!  We should be torturing these fucks until they BEG for death.  Televise that shit!  Then, after enough torturing, we let the rats eat them alive.  Or, we can dump boiling water on them until their skin peels off- and, did I mention, televise that shit?  A slow painful death for killing innocent people.  That’s the country I want to live in!


Right after Sandy Hook, I REALLY wished that our president would have showed a big enough nut sac to somehow overrule the constitution.  In extreme cases, I believe cruel and unusual punishment is just what the doctor ordered.  And, in cases where the perpetrator has offed themselves, you go for the next of kin.  For every suicidal fuck who has nothing to lose, and goes out and commits a mass shooting, there is at least ONE family member back home that they actually care about- a LOT.   I say we go after that person!  Make the man on the suicide mission really contemplate their choices.


**We should make an amendment to the Constitution which states that upon premeditating and committing a cold blooded murder, a person thereby waives their constitutional rights. This is how we can open the doors for cruel and unusual punishment (to be used as a deterrent for future crime)


When those twenty innocent kids were wiped out, upon discovering that the bastard responsible for it had taken his life before someone else could’ve had the pleasure, we should’ve hunted down that little fucker’s dad, and his brother, and made them pay for that dipshit’s actions!  Two horrific torturing sessions followed by their grisly deaths.  Why not? On some level they contributed to his mindset- I don’t care what Dr. Phil would say to that.  Once again, I say televise that shit!  Let the rest of the world see that while we accept Bruce’s decision to be Caitlin for the rest of his life, our level of acceptance does have an end point!  You want reality TV with ratings? Let’s finally air some death row death matches!  Put some broken glass on their knuckles and let them duke it out over a pit of alligators for the world’s entertainment!  Then the winner can get a bullet to the head for the grand prize of a quick death.  One bullet. That’s all…

That’s the country I want to live in.



PS: I apologize for all the swears.  (It’s tough to express these feelings without letting a few F-bombs slip through)


Another Fucking Shooting


So, to reiterate:
The root of the problem is not access to guns. It is the decision to take numerous lives.  People who can’t get guns will build bombs.  The desire to kill is what leads to heinous crimes- access to guns just saves them a few steps.  We need to make the decision to go on a killing spree a little less glamorous.  Save the media hype for the torturing of their next of kin.  The media currently works as their incentive to make bigger news.  Whereas, the threat of being tortured for something that your relative does might even work as one’s incentive to kill the bad family member before they would do something regretful.


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