Awkward BJ: Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner


It’s no secret that Scott Disick is a pretentious pansy.  However, he is not currently “trending” so let’s talk about the other Mr. Kardashian, also known as Bruce Jenner- excuse me: Caitlyn Jenner. As a stay at home Comedian, I have a lot of time to contemplate things, and psychoanalyze people that most of us don’t think twice about. In doing so, I come up with many theories. Below are my thoughts on Bruce Jenner- excuse me: Caitlyn Jenner.


Here is a guy- excuse me: gal who put the “sex” in transsexual! He/she put the “tranny” in transJenner! “Jenner” is unable shake that Olympian mentality! He was an ass kicker on the field, and now he is something else entirely! Rusty Fish Hook’s awkward theory is this: With all the attention craving Kardashian women in his/her circle of influence, Bruce Jenner- excuse me: Caitlyn Jenner could not handle being a footnote to their existence. He/she decided that he/she “will not be outdone by these dames.” Screw keeping up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner- excuse me: Caitlyn Jenner is bent on beating them at their own game.  This just goes to show that you can outshine a man’s gold medal, but you cannot force him to STAY a man! By God, Bruce Jenner- excuse me: Caitlyn Jenner has prevailed once again! He/she chose to become a better looking woman than any of the Kardashians, and he is off to a rather bumpy start… but I’ll be God Damned if I’m not rooting for the guy- excuse me: gal! Having conquered both genders, there ain’t a man alive who wouldn’t hit that now! If you don’t believe me, look at his picture on Vanity Fair– I swear you’ll wish you didn’t. He is definitely not an attractive female, but I will admit he looks like a real female. I guess we as a country can stop mincing words. There is no more “Bruce Jenner.” Now it is Caitlyn Jenner. So, the initials are “C.J.” There will be no more “B.J.”  Well, never say “never.”  #Wink


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2 Comments on "Caitlyn Jenner (NOT Bruce)"

June 1, 2015

Can we all agree he wasn’t an attractive man – at least as of lately anyway?

So hopefully she’s happy now.

June 2, 2015

Well, I can agree that he was becoming a grotesque man in recent months/years, but Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties box in his prime? Hello! Damn Sexy.