In my opinion, I have the best taste in music in the entire world. It’s true! It all started back in the 80’s when the radio still played good music. I made my first radio out of Legos and WD40. The rest is history. Right now you’re probably thinking “Nobody gives a shit about what songs Rusty Fish Hook is partial to.” My response to that is: who says “is partial to” anymore? What are you, from the 1950’s? #GTFO. Awkward… Where was I? Oh yeah, long story short- I have thousands of albums from bands that 99% of people have never even heard of. No worries, I DO also have Foo Fighters and Snoop Dogg albums, PLUS every Beatles album- but they are not relevant on THIS music review page. I am focusing on stuff that is not hitting the charts. My mission is to break down the prejudices that exist in people’s minds toward musical genres that they have no clue about, and have never listened to. This page will be like the Green Eggs and Ham for music listeners. I’ll bet you didn’t know that there are death metal songs out there that even your grandmother would like (until she reads the lyrics). Conversely, there is some hip-hop out there that is so good it could persuade members of the KKK to get cornrows in their hair (but those guys would probably wind up shoving corn in their assholes instead, because they wouldn’t be able to interpret the message correctly). But I digress… There is an entire OCEAN of music to be heard. MTV and the radio are just skimming the surface and fishing out the slimy, shitty stuff that floats to the top. Enjoy these Hooks..