Opeth - My Time of Need - Awkward Stuff

Opeth – My Time of Need – Awkward Stuff


OPETH- In My Time of Need


I said in THIS REVIEW that I would bring more Opeth, so here we are. Another light track from these beasts. Where’s the heavy stuff, you ask? It’s coming, just be patient. Or, you know what?  Just click on STILL LIFE to hear my favorite Opeth album- that’s only if you cannot simply wait until my next song review for these guys (HERE).  I love Opeth because they are not just balls-out metal. They have some of the smoothest acoustic passages you’ll ever hear, with vocal harmonizing that is so good it will make Crosby, Stills, Nash AND Young all want to take a nasty shit on Simon & Garfunkel‘s chests…for no reason.   And, I will tell you that one Opeth song has more variation in it than every single Nickelback album combined!  I’m aware that my Nickelback comparison isn’t saying much, so allow me to explain how Opeth songs typically work:  At some point in any 8-11 minute song of theirs (yes, some of their songs run on the longer side), you’ll be listening to one of the softest, most delicate acoustic passages containing some beautifully sung vocals, when out of NOWHERE you’ll get kicked in the chest with a monster riff, double-bass, and vocal growls that sound like they literally came out of the mouth of the Devil himself!  Fucking incredible!!  I would say that Still Life is a 70/30 blend of heavy and soothing.  Not a single boring moment on the entire album!!


Rusty Fish Hook‘s 2 favorite songs on Still Life are Godhead’s Lament and Face of Melinda.  First things first; Godhead’s Lament starts out heavy, then gets light for a little bit, and then of course ends on a heavy note- a GREAT song to illustrate why Opeth are the masters of the switch-up.  Progressive as Hell!  Face of Melinda is a good example of a song that starts out light and then gets somewhat heavy at the end.  The first half kind of reminds me of More Than Words by EXTREME, but the second half more than makes up for that.  You may even want to check out Face of Melinda instead of this song.  Still Life easily has to be THE best album I’ve heard in the last calendar year, hands down!!  Even my 3 year old daughter loves Still Life (she calls it “Red Opeff”).  Well, it looks like this “In My Time of Need song review” has turned into a freaking ALBUM review for Still Life!  What the Hell am I doing?  I apologize for turning this review into a total cluster fuck. There’s even a song on Still Life called White Cluster.  Fuck it!  Anyway, let’s get back on track…


So far, with only two song reviews for Opeth, I’ve only just scratched the surface of my new favorite band’s material. Once again, this Opeth song is labeled as “death metal.” This is a COMPLETE misnomer for the song as well as the entire Damnation album! In My Time of Need sounds a little bit like Tool crossed with Jar of Flies era Alice In Chains. In fact, 2003’s Damnation album is a little bit like Jar of Flies in the sense that the Opeth committed to a lighter sound for an ENTIRE album.  This was the first time Opeth did that.  Since 2003, they have recorded a few skull-crushing albums, but coincidentally their two most recent albums have been on the softer side. This may be hard to make sense of for those unfamiliar to this band. Plus, I am not making much sense myself.  This is why I tend to keep these writing pieces exclusive to the song/album at hand. Obviously I have failed at that on multiple levels for this “song review.”  Anyway, if you want to make sense of Opeth’s artistic direction, or the band in general, visit their site at: http://www.opeth.com



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