Awkward Stuff - I Monster

Awkward Stuff – I Monster




After two consecutive Slayer posts (one being an announcement about their upcoming album, and the other being a BEST SONGS Review [click HERE.]), I feel compelled to counterbalance the inadvertently Satanic vibe that the site is putting out with something a little more heavenly.


I Monster is a very interesting group. They are hard to describe other than to say they are pretty damn chill, and VERY interesting.  Just listen to the song Heaven and you will agree.  The first album of theirs that I heard is called “A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars.” It was so good that I listened to it back to back (aka twice in a row!)!! Rusty Fish Hook never does that.  Upon getting my mind awkwardly blown by that album, I decided that I needed more I Monster, stat! I immediately went to amazon to read some album reviews.  All I Monster fans seemed to be in agreement that  NEVERODDOREVEN is the I Monster album to listen to.  It was considered to be their “Dark Side of the Moon.”  Of course, Rusty Fish Hook could NOT let that statement go unchecked.  Without wasting any time, I downloaded I Monster‘s opus, NEVERODDOREVEN (which also happens to be a #Palindrome).


I didn’t listen to NEVERODDOREVEN twice in a row like I did with my first I Monster album, so I was about to call bullshit on those horseshit reviews!  However, the next day I listened to the album again…and then again.  The reviews were right.   NEVERODDOREVEN is better than that other I Monster album- I don’t even remember its name anymore.  Funny, in my last song review I said “don’t believe album reviews.”  I am here to say that when it comes to the band I Monster, you can trust some of those reviews. The album NEVERODDOREVEN is the best non-rock album that I’ve heard in the last 5 years!  In fact, this I Monster album was my summer jam for 2013.  If you’re not blown away by that I don’t know what to tell you.  The insect heads atop their sharply dressed torsos in the featured image definitely gives a mysterious touch to their awkward swagger.  I highly recommend checking them out!  I believe that I Monster has a total of 3 studio albums, and ALL of them are worth your time and money (though not every song is gonna be as dope as Heaven).  The actual album count is hard to corroborate, so forgive me if it is inaccurate.  Click HERE for their website. (If you aren’t seeing shit on their website, just go to Amazon and get their albums.)


To hear more awesome songs while reading their awkward reviews click HERE.


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