THE FLAMING LIPS (FEAT. Phantogram, Spaceface, & Julianna Barwick) – She’s Leaving Home


What?  Another Beatles Cover Song!?!


Yes, another Beatles cover song.  In fact, more than just a Beatles cover song, The Flaming Lips put together an entire Sgt. Pepper cover album!  It is called “With A Little Help From My Fwends (punny, because it features various artists- including MILEY CYRUS!!)  Rusty Fish Hook is a huge Beatles fan- grew up hearing them every Sunday morning on the radio, went through my own Beatles obsession in my early 20’s, have every album…yada yada.  Most groups that attempt a Beatles cover song do a horseshit job!  I HATE the Elton John version of LSD, and Aerosmith made a complete mockery of Come together.  I kinda like Motley Crue’s cover of Helter Skelter, but I am not blown away by it.  The Joe Cocker version of With A Little Help From My Friends is the best Beatles cover song that I can think of.  It is the only Beatles cover song that I like more than the original… oh, and there’s THIS version of She’s Leaving Home!


I feel like you can’t really say that a cover song can be better than the original, because by design it is just standing on the shoulders of giants (oddly enough, I like some Black Sabbath tribute albums more than the originals)  However, i find it intriguing how The Flaming Lips & Co threw  electronic percussions in a song that is famous for having NO percussions at all.  On paper that would appear like an il-fated step… but this ain’t paper.


Fun Fact about a Beatles Cover Song:  Harry Nilsson also did a cover of this song, but as much as I love Harry, his version did nothing for me (but THIS is a great Beatles tribute song by him); it was neither good, nor bad- just pointless.  My thought on cover songs (especially Beatles cover songs) is if it is not better, or at least a complete  reinvention, don’t do the song at all!  Case in point:  My old group, Dead Wrong did a cover of We Will Rock You– sort of a reinvention (to hear that click HERE.).  Our version ROCKS…sort of.  Dead Wrong’s  version of We Will Rock You, while not being nearly as great as Queen’s version, CRUSHES Warrant’s piss poor rendition.  CRUSHES!!   Anyway, enough about that.  I’ll leave the opinions to the people in the comments section below.   I digress.  Sorry for digressing.  Enjoy this Beatles cover song.


Funny: In that Warrant WWRY video, the bonehead who put lyrics to it used the word “Discrace.”  #SpellCzech


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2 Comments on "Beatles Cover Song – She’s Leaving Home"

July 12, 2015

Have you heard the Robin Williams and Bobby McFarren version of Come Together?

July 16, 2015

Yes. Not nearly as good as the Jim Carrey version of I Am The Walrus.