awkward stuff - BEATALLICA

awkward stuff – BEATALLICA

Relax, Lars Ulrich.  This isn’t about you..


BEATALLICA Garage Days Nite


If they could give a Grammy for shakin’ what ya got, it should go to Beatallica! Grammys are bullshit anyway so it probably wouldn’t even go to these guys. The singer does a PERFECT James Hetfield! If you were to close your eyes you would think that it is James on the mic, and that he has completely run out of things to sing about so he took to doing ridiculous Beatles parodies.   Thank God this band didn’t opt to just be some shitty Metallica cover band named Smoldering Decay.  Instead, The members of Beatallica probably get drunk and write hilarious lyrics to Beatle’s tunes while incorporating the content of various Metallica songs (and sometimes Beatles). VERY entertaining stuff!  The song Garage Days Nite is a good sample of what Beatallica does (or what Beatallica do [since I am speaking about more than one person, #CollectiveNoun- However, Beatallica IS just one band, so an argument could be made for the singular verb usage in this case- personally, I prefer the singular]. Garage Days Nite isn’t Beatallica’s most humorous song, but it is a great example of their style.


The next time you have a long road trip to go on, or some boring chore around the house that you need to do while listening to music that is just pure entertainment- I would recommend supporting these lads by picking up their albums, but do so only if you like Metallica and the Beatles.  Also, don’t go into this thinking that your mind will be blown like that first time you heard Dark Side of The Moon on psychedelic mushrooms (you know, the kind that grow out of cow shit) because it’s not like that.  This is pure novelty.  That said, you should start with Abbey Load, because that album title is hilarious. Plus Beatallica is great music for parties.  If i wanted to bore the shit out of you I could keep talking about something, but I am feeling like today is not a good story day, so I’ll shut the fuck up.  Enjoy….


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