What is Awkward Stuff?


Awkward Stuff is many things.  We have made it very clear that you can get your mind (awkwardly) blown here at Awkward Stuff.  The question is “What is it exactly that gives the awkward blow jobs to the brain?”  To answer that question you need to search inside yourself.


Do you like awkward comedy?  If so, check the Off The Hook page for some of THE MOST awkward comedy that you will ever see.  Rusty Fish Hook is the King of Awkward.  He was banished from live comedy (for undisclosed reasons) and now he vents his frustration by telling jokes to his imaginary friends in “House of the HOOK.”


Wanna learn about the soon-to-be Best Boxing Movie Ever? (Go ahead, click it.)


Maybe you are a music fan.  If so, Awkward Stuff is a great place to get your jam on!  Our Best Songs That You’ve Never Heard is a place where you can get your mind straight up blown- nothing awkward about that.  Actually, the reviews are pretty awkward…but the songs kick ass! You won’t find these tracks on MTV or the radio. Check out a few songs, we guarantee that you’ll love most of what you hear.


Maybe you don’t like comedy OR music.  Maybe humor is lost on you, and the thought of people playing instruments while saying things like “Sha la, la, la, ooh, ooh, yeah” is annoying to you.  No worries, because you probably like reading about asshole celebrities.  If this is the case, Awkward Stuff has a monthly feature highlighting the biggest douche nozzles that the media keeps cramming down our throats…against our will.  You guessed it!  That would be our Douche Nozzle of the Month articles.  All of the Awkward Stuff Douche Nozzle posts are written by Rusty Fish Hook!  (Hilarious stuff, if I do say so myself)


Got Scott? Awkward Stuff has got more Scott than you can swat!  That was stupid.  Whatever.  Don’t judge.  Anyway, cast your votes on your favorite Scott(s) at our Scott or Not page.


Are you a fan of iguanas?  How about alcoholic iguanas?  How about perverted alcoholic iguanas with bizarre fetishes?  How about an awkwardly hilarious comic strip about a perverted alcoholic iguana with bizarre fetishes?  If that jiggles your junk, then check out  MOJO THE (Awkward) IGUANA.


Or, maybe you just like reading funny rants about various relatable topics?  Maybe you don’t.  You will never know until you check out Rusty’s Rants only at Awkward Stuff.  See what all the hype is about.  In case you haven’t noticed a theme here, I’ll fill you in: Rusty Fish Hook (former standup comedian) is the puppet master behind this beast of a website.  Awkward Stuff is a content driven semi-social network that is owned and operated by a standup comedian.  Does that sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not.


Enjoy your visit…

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