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Dear Everyone,


Welcome to Awkward Merchandise!  Hopefully you’re not here by accident.  Of course you’re not …that would be awkward. This is your one stop shop for all things Awkward Merchandise!  However, for the time being, we are not loaded with an endless supply of awkward merchandise.  That doesn’t mean that the stuff we DO have isn’t awesome, so don’t get the wrong idea.  I assure you, we have some awesome awkward merchandise.  As the site grows, so too will our supply of awkward merchandise.  Payment is always going to be affordable, and is TOTALLY secure on this website (Rusty Fish Hook will not have any access to your Paypal, or credit card information so shop ’til your heart’s content…but you know, even if Rusty Fish Hook did have access- there would be no problem, because he is a trustworthy dude). 


Every piece of awkward merchandise that we roll out will be unique, and incredible.  All items are and ensured for quality and customer satisfaction.  We have a few ideas in the pipeline so stay tuned.  We thought about doing awkward sex toys with the Awkward Stuff logo on it, but A) That isn’t family friendly, and B) Only people with extremely perverted fetishes would play with something that has our logo on it.  I’m assuming those types of people are online looking for different websites than this one…if ya catch my drift.  Right now we don’t have any Awkwardstuff T-shirts because we would have to sell them for an outrageous price.  Once we get the price point down to a consumer-friendly rate you will see some awkward shirts!!   Coffee mugs, bumper stickers, T-shirts…all of these items are cliche, but definitely a necessity.  We understand that.  We will be carrying those items in our Awkward Merchandise selection in due time.  For now, please check out what we currently have in stock, and support awkward comedy.  I look forward to servicing your requests.


Yours truly (and awkwardly),


Rustondt Fish Hook

Dead Wrong Darkside of the Grave - Awkward Stuff

DEAD WRONG – Darkside of the Grave

Before Awkward Stuff, before Rusty Fish Hook awkwardly blew people’s minds with his standup comedy, and before Rusty Fish Hook got married and popped out some kids- Rusty was The Prosecutioner: lyricist, vocalist, beat-maker, composer, and all around music machine.  Dead Wrong was a force to be reckoned with! Darkside of the Grave is THE BEST album that you have never heard.  Get your copy before they're gone completely
Awkward Stuff - you're welcome cards

YOU’RE WELCOME CARDS – Awkward Merchandise

Why don't people respond to thank you cards? It's unfair to leave them hanging. Say it with a you're welcome card