AMORPHIS – Nightbird’s Song


Here’s some European Metal for that ass!   European metal is better than American these days, sorry folks.  Amorphis hails from Finland. They are easily one of the most talented metal bands in existence, bar none.  Ingredients:  Take 2 scoops of Creed vocals, some epic riffs, blast beats, organs, Cookie Monster growls…Oh yeah- GOTTA have some flutes in there as well!!  Trust me, it works for them Finns.  Don’t be turned off by the Creed vocal comparison.  It is a good counterpart to the Cookie Monster impersonations.  They go together like honey-dijon and chicken fingers.  This song is off their 2013 album Circle, which was my first taste of Amorphis.  Hearing Circle led to a serious obsession with this group which has lasted a solid year!!  Amorphis has a thick catalogue full of TONS of great music dating all the way back to 1992!  There was not much to write about from my personal life regarding my experiences with their music, other than 2014 being the year that Rusty Fish Hook officially “exploded” onto the comedy scene.  I’m not going to bore you with that Off The Hook story right now…


All of that being said, this video is kind of funny- AND a little bit awkward.  Not just because the singer looks like a scary Ice-T/John Leguizamo hybrid either.  Check it out: The way the band just sort of goes through the motions in this video is super awkward, because this song BRINGS it on a level that most people can’t even comprehend.  If you close your eyes while listening, you’ll envision a 50 foot bear-gorilla hybrid (Bearilla?) barking out lyrics while smashing everything in sight!  However, when you open your eyes and see the video, you’ll notice the expressions on the band members’ faces… It’s like there’s nothing to see here- just another day at the office.  What?  Like- “Hey, don’t mind us, we’re just shredding out face-melting riffs, growls, and blast beats… No big deal.”  It’s kinda like they think they’re too cool to be blown away by their own stuff.  Anywho, if you are in need of good, heavy music which also contains some soulful crooning, I highly recommend Amorphis.  Learn more about them at


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