Awkward Stuff - Amorphis Under the Red Cloud

Awkward Stuff – Amorphis Under the Red Cloud


AMORPHIS: Under the Red Cloud


Man, 2015 is shaping up to be a crazy year for album droppage!  Especially August and September!  I gotta admit that Faith No More‘s Sol Invictus was a very pleasant surprise!  Obviously not FNM’s best album, but surprisingly it was not their worst.  It has been my summer jam for the most part, and I believe that I like it more than Album of the Year (1997).  Tame Impala: Currents is interesting, but not amazing, IMO.  However, very soon we will have a new Soulfly, Fear Factory, Ghost, Slayer, and fucking AMORPHIS!!!!  Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud may be top on my radar for upcoming releases.  Mark September 4th on your calendars as the day that our minds will be blown with Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud.


You can’t judge Amorphis by that supremely awkward picture of their guitarist that I threw at the top of this post.  Ridiculous picture! Horrible.  Like- why, dude?  Why take an 80’s style yearbook picture and throw the band name on it?  Maybe it was a joke, and I just grabbed it off the internet with no context.  In fact, yeah!!  That’s probably EXACTLY what it is.  I hope so, anyway.  Maybe these guys are total jokesters and I am the dumbshit that is taking them too seriously.  From what I have heard, Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud seems like it has a nice taste of the far East.  The song Death of a King has got some strange flutes, and Amorphis brought back the sitar which is always a good thing!  I imagine this album will sound a lot like their old stuff- except with their current singer (who sounds nothing like the original singer).  WAY too many lineup changes for me to waste our time getting into right now.  Just know that Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud will surely be a treat for us all!


Let this page be your one stop shop for all things Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud.  Any updates, early streams, new singles etc. will be right here as I obsess and count the minutes until the release.  If this album has even ONE song as brutal as Nightbird’s Song, I will be a happy camper.


UPDATE:  After hearing two songs, the battle is neck and neck between growls and CREED vocals.  Who will win?  Find out Sept. 4th!!!


AMORPHIS: Under the Red Cloud (track list)


 1. Under The Red CLoud

 2. The Four Wise Ones

 3. Bad Blood

 4. The Skull

 5. Death of A King

 6. Sacrifice

 7. Dark Path

 8. Enemy At The Gates

 9. Tree of Ages

10. White Night

11. Come The Spring (Bonus Track) 

12. Winter’s Sleep (Bonus Track)


Enjoy the official Sacrifice video off Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud


Enjoy Death of a King (with lyrics) off Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud

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