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    Rusty Fish Hook

    I have always found it odd that women as a whole agree that men leaving the toilet seat up is something to complain about. I don’t understand it. As a man trying to think like a woman (or like a guy who needs to go number 2), I would personally take the stance against men leaving the seat down. Would you rather that men accidentally peed all over them? You should be thankful that your man has the courtesy to even put the seat up in the first place. I’d be more pissed off if the seat was pissed on. In closing, I’d like to say; Women, you’ve picked a weak stance on an even weaker battle. We need the seats up, you need the seats down. Men don’t complain when you leave the seats down, so DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN WE LEAVE THE SEATS UP!!

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    Jessica Althouse

    I find things like this offensive because I’ve never been the type of girl to nag about stupid shit like that. I would never and never have given a guy shit for this or anything similar and it makes me wonder, do women really do? And if so, guys should really think if they’re with the right girl. Give up your trophy and find one with a personality that ideally grew up with brothers.

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    Rusty Fish Hook

    I like the way you think, Jessica! Luckily I wrangled me a lady with not one, but THREE brothers, and they’re all bigger than me. Anyway, my lady knows the score. You should see the toilet seats in my house when Rusty Fish Hook gets done with them…before my wife makes me clean them.

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