This is a space where you can chat about whatever turns you on...or off.  Swears are not only allowed, but ENCOURAGED.  No subject is off limits, but be tactful and don't be an asshole unless you are sarcastic, like me.  Keep in mind that your sarcasm has to be obvious to more than just YOU for it to not come across like you're a total prick to a group of strangers, so be mindful.  And don't be a pervert either- perverted shit IS off limits.  In fact, let's steer clear of ALL sex talk. That's a little TOO awkward for awkwardstuff, unless you're making fun of a Kardashian... Then "sex talk" is permitted.  Actually, whatever.  Talk about anything.  If you suck, I'll remove you, and your comments.   Otherwise have a friggin blast, and let's talk some shit.

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    Rusty Fish Hook
    1. No bullying other users
    2. Do not share personal information- ESPECIALLY that of other people (ie: phone numbers or physical addresses of any kind).  Personally, I frown upon giving out your email address here, but hey it’s YOUR inbox

    3. While no subject is off limits, be tactful.  Every subject has potential to become highly offensive.  Shock jocks are douches, and will be handled by the cyber security.

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