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    Dan Arrigo

    Am I alone in the fact that if I have to relieve my bladder, even a little bit, while in bed, I must get up and release….or I can not sleep? I thought this only happens to (with all due respect) the elderly. I lay there, and regardless of how tired I am, that pressure down below becomes an obsession on my mind, and an absolute annoyance! I toss the covers off and force myself up; all the while trying to keep my eyes closed and avoid light, so as not to fully wake up and truly destroy any chance of sleep. Entering the bathroom and standing at the toilet, I am in total confusion when I see two measly drops come out. How does 2 drops of urine, in a bladder that has been probably 1000s of times more full, cause such discomfort, it forces me up and out of bed?!?!

    Tell me I’m not alone!

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    Rusty Fish Hook

    Daniel- (may I call you “Daniel”?)
    It comes down to this: the mind and the bladder have a complex relationship. They are designed to work together, but sometimes the brain is a little bitch and thinks is doing us a favor, when really making matters worse. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, my friend. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood over the toilet counting the drops of piss as they slowly, but methodically, drip into the toilet water. It doesn’t even change the color of the water. So much time, so little piss. We are being robbed of precious moments in our lives just to sprinkle a few drops. I couldn’t tell you the last time I played a game of “swords.” You can’t compete when the stuff just drips out.

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    I am female, but I think my lack of penis doesn’t keep me from understanding. I think it’s a psychological thing. When I was younger I’d have to get up to pee at least once before I feel asleep (or back to sleep). Many times – confused with why my bladder deceived me, I’d lay down, just to have to get back up ten minutes later, cuz I knew THIS TIME it was real.

    The phantom need to pee still hits me on occasion, but thankfully my stubbornness keeps me from letting it fool me a second time. I call it’s bluff, knowing if I’m wrong I can clean the sheets without anyone knowing.

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      Rusty Fish Hook

      “Phantom Piss!” That would make a wicked name for a beer. Especially if it came in little penis-shaped bottles? I’d drink it…well, probably not.

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