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    Seriously? Why are we making people famous for having an insane amount of kids?

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    Rusty Fish Hook

    I agree. We are turning morons into rich, and to some degree, POWERFUL forces! It is incredible. But, I can see that sitcoms BLOW these days #TheOddCouple! Reality shows are like a car crash- horrible, but often times hard to look away.

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    I have no clue how that got renewed. So many actually good shows get cancelled every year, and the Blah Couple gets a second season?

    Not that my mom is known for her terrible taste in tv shows, but she even complains about it. Her big point was that it style an exact plot from the original show, and they couldn’t even make that funny!

    That aside, remember when TLC stood for “The Learning Channel”? What am I learning from people who let their kids get morbidly obese, people who have so many kids they can’t take care of them,or family members of celebrities that were popular in the 90’s?

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